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Apr 11, 2018

Law enforcement learning about drones in interactive course

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This week is all about cops and drones, and K-State’s Polytechnic Campus took to the fields to teach law enforcement a new skill. 

“Kansas State is really one of the leaders in unmanned aerosystem training in the United States," said Jeff Roberts, UAS facilitator.  

That’s why Roberts decided to bring his unit to Salina from Jackson County, Missouri for the training. 

“My unit has helped with post tornado video for FEMA to show damage,” explained Roberts. “We also help the parks department with missing people that are in the woods, autistic kids. It just saves man hours, and it saves hours that that person might be lost and in danger.” 

K-State's unmanned aircraft system training is targeted at how first responders can utilize drones in daily operations and safety procedures. The skill is something that Travis Balthazor, flight operations manager, said we are seeing more and more of. 

"The technology has advanced a lot over the last couple of years,” explained Balthazor. “We want to show law enforcement how to utilize it best; we can even teach them how to put the drone in the right temperature spectrum for them to see the person.”


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