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Jun 6, 2018

Pitfalls in Digital Film Restoration




Unless someone objects, I would like to open a topic on the pitfalls of digital film restoration and "digital archival preservation" of images, moving or otherwise. (I think we would also have to enumerate the pitfalls of photochemical procedures as well, so don't feel I a singling-out digital as a whipping boy.) This posting grows out of a discussion on many sites about the recent NY Times article on the expense and ephemeral nature of digital "preservation".

I was hoping that those who wanted to discuss this in a rational manner could be redirected to this site, rather than run the risk of violating other site's policies or simply running afoul of zealots on both sides who refuse to admit their preferred means of making and storing images might be less than perfect.

I have always maintained that "digital", for all that has been foisted-upon the term, is not the all-encompassing panacea for preservation and restoration problems in this World and would like to have a rational, considered discussion about the strengths and weaknesses the process in general and not a knock-down, drag out flame-fest that seems to always erupt online.Up for it or not?


Any help will be apprecited.


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Oct 30


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