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Jul 9, 2018

Restoration Project - Help Please!




He is long since passed. His only child is my wife's mother. My father-in-law recently dug up a bayonet knife from some of "Froggy's" stuff. This thing is in as bad a shape as possible and has zero value except to my wife and mother in law.Froggy, though extremely proud of his service, was without sentiment. This thing looks like it's been used to open paint cans and God knows what else. The tip is bent, the leather handle is in terrible shape, the entire thing is splattered with paint, the carbon steel is rusted in spots and it appears as if it has been repeatedly sharpened with a grinder - In short, this thing is a train wreck. My father-in-law knows I'm a "knife guy" and asked me if I can do anything to restore it. He made it clear, his expectations are low and understands that it's damaged. This is a daunting task! The took biggest obstacles I see are the bent tip and the leather handle.


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Oct 15

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Oct 31

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    Nov 13

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  • aryetoryn
    a day ago

    HI, I was wondering if you can offer any advice on the restoration of the windows in my sister's house. They are the original double-hung dating from the 1880's or 90's. Given that the windows have all the usual symptoms of age (a bazillion coats of varnish/paint/etc, broken panes, a few damaged sashes), we're removing the sashes for repair and to heat-gun the frames. The thing that's driving us nuts is a vertical set of metal tracks that, presumably, are not original. I'm guessing here, but I suspect somebody thought it would be really great to plane down the windows about a 16th or an 8th of an inch and install these tracks as guides along with a set of clips on the upper and lower sashes that would interlock to form a seal when the windows were closed. Both tracks and clips are now rather bent up and have been the cause of more than a few strings of expletives that, quite frankly, are starting to draw disapproving looks from the neighbors. The trick is that if we just toss the metal tracks, the window (now being a couple 16ths of an inch or so narrower than the frame) will rattle and stick. I'm wondering if anyone makes any kind of vinyl or nylon strip that could be used to line the inside of the windowframe in place of the metal tracks? I'm thinking this would have the advantage of eliminating most wood-on-wood contact in the windowframes, which should actually make them easier to open. Ever seen such a thing? Got any tricks up your sleeve that you'd recommend (aside from sending hatemail to the former owners, which we've already done)? Any help will be apprecited. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References: https://bit.ly/2xMkuq5 eLearning Solution Example Thank you.

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