Our Trainers

ITI’s trainers are experts in Cleaning & Restoration, and have significant experience and training.

Grant Hickey

The principal of ITI, Grant is an accredited Master Restorer and Master Cleaner. He also holds a diploma in Business Management and Marketing, is IICRC accredited and has domestic and international teaching experience.

John Hickey

John is CEO of Belfor Ayline -- a subsidiary of the largest restoration company in the world. He's also the director of Advanced Specialized Equipment and has more than 25 years experience in the cleaning and restoration industry.

Professor Richard 'Dick' Driscoll

Dick has an MBA from the University of Dayton, a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Clarkson College of Technology, and is currently working on his doctorate. He is an IICRC Certified Master Cleaner and Master Restorer and also an approved IICRC instructor for Water Damage Restoration. 
Dick has now combined all his prior knowledge and experience and is now a successful and sought-after, instructor in the Restoration / Remediation field.  

Dane Gregory

A past president of IICRC, Dane is the CEO of US-based 3-D Corporation and is an expert in hard-floor care. He also has experience in providing technical and management training to companies around the world.

Dr. Dan Bernazzani

With more than 25 years experience consulting in the cleaning and restoration industry, Dan is the owner and president of Vermont-based Liberty Consulting and is an approved CEC provider.

Garry Moyer

Having been involved in the cleaning and restoration industry for more than 30 years, Garry is an expert Thermal Energy System operator and has pioneered new efficiencies in drying water-damaged structures. He is also president of Michigan-based Great Lakes Steamway and Interlink Supply.


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