To provide the most actionable cleaning & restoration training courses and accreditation available.

ITI has a variety of industry accreditations available for your company or individual employees, all of which qualify your company for membership.

On obtaining an ITI accreditation, along with official documentation, you will also receive car decals to ensure your leading qualifications are highly visible in the marketplace.

We are affiliated with the Restoration Science Academy which was created to provide real world training for restoration taught by industry experts.

ITI's Partner Status

Below outlines the difference within each accreditation status

The ITI cleaning & restoration accreditation program is for any business or employee who wishes to develop a solid platform of practical skills, knowledge, models and tools for effective cleaning & restoration. Over 2000 individuals from across Australia & New Zealand have participated in this program in recent years.


It’s simple – the ITI-accredited operators register will deliver more customers to your business. Invest in your staff with industry-leading ITI training and you’ll not only improve your company’s efficiency but also boost your revenue through the new consumer channels you will open as a part of enhanced training within your organisation

The ITI Accreditation program is backed by our powerful marketing resources and cutting-edge web technology, which means your new accreditations will be highly visible in the marketplace and provide a strong foundation from which to build your brand. 

ITI is responsible for making sure that accredited programs and the education providers that offer them continue to meet the Accreditation Standards for the period of accreditation

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