Our industry-leading practical skills-based experience to the cleaning and restoration industry

ITI's innovative blend of tried and tested theoretical knowledge training, and industry-leading practical skills-based experience, creates highly competent employees who will improve your company's efficiency and has the potential to double your productivity.

Our Training

We are also committed to teaching students how to use their equipment to its optimal level, and in doing so deliver significant time savings and a major decrease in the cost of every job.

With over 35 years in the industry, we understand how costly on-the-job mistakes can be to your bottom line. That’s why we place such value in our practical training centre that simulates real workplace scenarios and allows our students to learn from their mistakes in a controlled training environment, well before they step foot in your clients’ properties.

And not only will your new ITI accreditations convert customer enquiries into cash flow, but our commitment to your company’s ability to achieve the highest levels of efficiency has the potential to increase your profitability by up to 35 per cent after the successful completion of just one training course.


At ITI, we’ve developed our cutting-edge training centre, so you can invest in your employees and in their ability to provide a premium service that will be highly sought after in the marketplace.


Are you interested in learning about our trainers? We’ve put together all the relevant info that’ll give you an insight into their backgrounds and just how beneficial they are to you.

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