Our Mission

To provide the most actionable cleaning & restoration training courses and accreditation available.

At Interactive Training International (ITI), We have more than 35 years experience in the cleaning and restoration industry. ITI was conceived to offer solutions to the traditional problems technicians encounter on the job and provide a practical training experience as an alternative to learning from expensive workplace mistakes.

Our action-based training courses are developed by long-time industry professionals who have experienced the limitations of theoretical training courses first hand, and discovered the need for a comprehensive accreditation program to build higher levels of consumer confidence.

We’re committed to lifting the standards of the cleaning and restoration industry through a continued investment in bringing world-class practical training facilities and teaching concepts to Asia Pacific operators.

Our innovative approach not only means that we can customise our syllabus to meet the specific needs of your company, but also gives us the flexibility to embrace new technologies and keep pace with industry developments.
So whether you’re looking to equip an entry-level technician with the practical skills they need to be an effective employee from day one, or want to expand your business management and marketing skills to grow your company, ITI can provide a complete training solution.
Our Vision

ITI’s revolutionary training facility. We’ve invested heavily in our cutting-edge Training Centre and programs, so you can invest in your employees and in their ability to provide a premium service that will be highly sought after in the marketplace.

From ground-level contractors to cleaning and restoration business owners, ITI provides complete training solutions for all levels of your company, with an emphasis on practical tuition that goes well beyond the traditional boundaries of theory-only education.

Our large range of training courses cover all areas of the cleaning and restoration industry, and our innovative approach to writing our own syllabus means we have the flexibility to customise training programs for the specific needs of your company. We’ve even tailored courses for an online experience to keep you and your staff abreast of advancement in our industry.

Successful ITI graduating companies are also invited to become part of our highly respected accreditation program that will boost your ability to convert potential customers into loyal clients and build your business.


Our Accreditations are provided to technicians when they complete an accredited course with us. The purpose of this is to develop a solid platform of practical skills, knowledge, models and tools to the cleaning & restoration industry


Our annual membership has a range of great benefits for your staff and your business. With access to powerful marketing resources, huge exposure on “Find a Technician” and lots more

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