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ITI offers over 25 cleaning and restoration courses, including fully recognised accreditations. So whether you want to follow a passion, take the next step in your career or start a completely new one, we have a course that can give you the skills and confidence to succeed.

5 day course (on-site)

Water restoration is an essential tool for any carpet cleaner, as water has the unique ability to penetrate and stain most surfaces and floor coverings. During the course, students will have a unique opportunity to put their skills and knowledge to the test, as ITI floods its training house with over 5,000 litres of water and instructs students to get to work 

Complete Stone, Mansonry & Hard Surface

3 day course (on-site)

The maintenance and cleaning of hard surfaces like wood, tile and ceramics is an important basic skill for any good carpet cleaner. This introductory course is aimed at developing the basic skills for hard surface floor cleaning, including preventative and routine procedures; principles of flooring identification; the cleaning and maintenance of specialty surfaces; finishing techniques; and the chemistry of hard surface floor cleaning. By the end of the three day course, students should be confident in the maintenance and restoration of a variety of hard surface floors, including wood, concrete and stone floors 


Fire and Smoke Restoration

3 day course (on-site)

Conducted at our Training Centre house, students learn comprehensive solutions to fire and smoke damage restoration, including soot removal.


Hard Floor, Stone and Masonry

3 day course (on-site)

Exclusively written by US expert Dane Gregory for ITI, it covers all aspects of hard surface cleaning and unlocks the secrets of all the latest techniques.


Mould Remediation

4 day course (on-site)

Learn how to eradicate mould through five principles - safety and health, project documentation, containment control, containment removal and containment prevention.


Advanced Carpet & Upholstery Care

4 day course (on-site)

This course will cover the all areas of carpet cleaning, including restoration methods and maintenance, fiber identification, different weaves, chemicals, both wet cleaning and dry cleaning procedures, curtain and leather cleaning programs, leather repair processes, customer satisfaction, cleaning safety, and professionalism. By the conclusion of the four day course, students should be able to confidently identify and treat stains, have a comprehensive understanding of the basic equipment and ‘tools of the trade’, and be able to safely and confidently use equipment and methods to achieve optimum customer satisfaction and grow their business


Advanced Structural Drying

5 day course (on-site)

A bi-annual course, our Training Centre house is flooded and dried out over four days with an emphasis on the restoration of the entire structure.


Fire, Smoke & Odour Control

4 day course (on-site)

This course covers the intricate details of successful fire damage restoration. Learn the strategies, planning and procedures to complete the job. This course concentrates on technical procedures for successfully completing the restoration of a fire damaged environment


Asset Maintenance: Carpet Cleaning Operations and Management - Certificates III and IV

Carpet and fabric cleaning traineeships are recognised by the federal government are available along with national trade qualifications. Combine a selection of elective subjects with the core compulsory component to customise the course to your individual needs.

Complete Carpet Care Specialist

3 day course on-site

Professional carpet cleaning contractors are invited to particpate in this three day course with special emphasis on residential & commercial carpets.

Complete Upholstery, Leather and Fine Fabric Cleaning

3 day course on-site

Expand your knowledge of fabric identifications and learn the science behind stain removal, along with curtain and dry cleaning techniques.


Complete Water Damage Course

The latest information on restorative drying. Covers a wide range of topics including psychrometry dehumidification, how to deal with a category 3 water loss and what equipment system to use.


Digital Photo Inventory

Incorporate the latest digital technology into your record keeping and tracking applications for superior off-site restoration.

Microfibre in the Workplace

This revolutionary new cleaning system will help you save water, time and energy, and improve your overall efficiency.

Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning Specialist

This advanced qualification is available for technicians with special responsibilities involving the cleaning of valuable investment textiles.

Occupational Health and Safety for Managers

This is a legal requirement for business owners and operators. It encompasses a variety of topics including risk management and workers compensation.

Spot and Stain

Learn a variety of spot and stain removal techniques for all surfaces and upholsteries, plus receive a free deluxe spotting kit valued at $295.

Spot and Stain Express

Cover all the basics of spot and stain removal in this four-hour evening course for busy operators.

Apprenticeship Program

This course offers a thorough, practical training in basic skills and techniques required for general janitorial duties in a range of workplace environments.

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